Here’s how you can support us through COVID-19 Trade Restrictions…


Our Grounded family is facing a massive challenge and we need your help!! Since Friday 26 March 2020, due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions announced by President Ramaphosa, we have been unable to open our doors and do what we do best: gather and serve the community we love.


We have already been overwhelmed by the support shown by our community through financial contributions, messages of support, and encouragement in all aspects. This has inspired us to do whatever we can, and to draw on this show of collective ownership, to keep Grounded alive not just for us, but for everyone who loves it.


However, our 12 team members are left without any income for the duration of the lockdown, and with very limited income during trade restriction levels. Grounded at Echo and Grounded Work are threatened with permanent closure as we battle to stay afloat in spite of drastically reduced, if any sales.


We have been working to rethink our services and adapt our business to survive the current and future social distancing restrictions by offering online orders and delivery services through multiple digital platforms.


We have also applied to 5 government and private funds for support, and UIF relief for our team. To date, no responses have been received from any of these applications. The demands placed on these funds are understandably unprecedented.


In spite of all these efforts, Grounded will not be able to survive without the support of its community and we again desperately need your help!! Since we have opened our doors in December 2014, Grounded at Echo and Grounded Work have been spaces where people could gather, talk, dream, and live out a better world together. If Grounded has in any way inspired you to believe in a better way of life, to connect, to be yourself, to make time for what is important, or to dream about what could be, then please support us so that we may continue to be a catalyst for community!!


  • You can support us by ordering deliveries right here form our new online shop!
  • Buy a voucher from us for yourself or for a friend at
  • Write a review for Grounded Work, or Grounded at Echo on Google My Business
  • Send us a mail if you would like to make a financial contribution towards Grounded
  • Cheer for us by following us on our social media platforms.


Thank you for your support – we’d love to see you for coffee soon!!

We’re still here for you! Order your favorite menu items and Deli Ingredients from our kitchen to yours…


All your favorite Grounded meals and deli ingredients are now available from our online shop, right here! We are delivering within a 5km radius from Grounded between 9am and 4:30 pm every day during Level 3 of Lockdown.

We’re offering a whole range of Deli items to order for delivery during Level 3 of LockDown…


Not only can you now order your favorite Grounded Sarmies and Breakfasts for delivery from our online shop, but a whole range of delicious deli ingredients too!


From pestos to rusks and freezer-to-oven bakes, you can stock up your fridge and pantry with all the good stuff to inspire even the laziest Lockdown cooks. 


Check out our social media platforms for ideas and tips on turning caramalised onions, tzatziki, or pulled pork (yes, they’re all available from our shop!) into meals that will make you and your family forget all about eating out!

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